Most Wonderfulest Day!

The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.  Psalm 28:7

Raegan is my sister’s mini-me. As with all of my sisters’ children, I fell in love with her the moment I held her in my arms. Raegan is a confident, talkative, full of life little girl. When she was little and her hair was a crown of blonde ringlets, she would walk in just the right way to make every single one of them bounce.

During her first year in pre-school, near Halloween, in the car on the way home Raegan told her mom, “Today was the most wonderfulest day of my life.” Amy shared that with me and I wrote the words Most Wonderfulest on a sticky note and stuck it on my computer. When I look at the note I am not only reminded of Raegan, which of course makes me smile, but more importantly I ask myself, “Was today my most wonderfulest day?”

Too many times I confess that not only was today not my most wonderfulest, I can’t remember when I had a day that could even come close.

So what makes a most wonderfulest day? In Raegan’s case it was something just a little bit out of the ordinary.  No expensive gift, not the latest fashion, no grand gesture of love. Nothing more than a little exchange of candy, a few games, and lots of laughter among friends.

What has stopped me from having most wonderfulest days? Yes we have pressures that most children never have to deal with (thankfully). There are bills to pay, calendars to obey, ToDo lists to check off. But couldn’t we get excited about things that are just a little bit out of ordinary?

That phone call to or from a friend, a walk on a beautiful day rejoicing in God’s creation, snuggling for just a few extra minutes, relaxing on the couch in between loads of laundry,  or even just resting in the fact that we are loved completely by a God who gets us.

Living a life under the grace of God means that every day should be our most wonderfulest. Jesus died for us so that we can live an abundantly joyful life. His sacrifice means our freedom.

So beginning today I am going to claim each day as my most wonderfulest day! Won’t you join me?