Superlative defines masterpiece as

1. An outstanding work of art or craft.

2. The greatest work, as of an artist.

3. Something superlative of its kind.

God calls us His masterpiece. So what does that mean?

We are Outstanding. We are God’s Greatest Work. We are Superlative.

Hmmm…I like that. Now why don’t I believe it? Oh I want to believe it. I want to receive it, claim it, accept it as the truth. I so desperately want to look at myself and see a masterpiece. Instead most days I see ordinary.

That’s like visiting all the museums in the world and looking at the sculptures and paintings of the world’s greatest artists and saying, “Ih, they’re okay.” It’s like visiting the Sistine Chapel and looking up at Michelangelo’s painting and thinking, “Whatever.” It’s like looking at the beautiful sunrises and extraordinary sunsets and turning away unimpressed.

God, the world’s greatest artist who designed the heavens and the earth, which to me are breathtaking and worthy of praise, also created me, you, us and declares us as very good, as His masterpiece.

And we look at ourselves and say, “Ih, whatever.”

But we are not whatever, we are wonderful! In Psalms 139 it is written that we are beautifully and wonderfully made. God watched as we were being formed inside our mothers. He rejoiced as we were designed knowing the amazing life He had planned for us. And He looks at us now and delights in His masterpiece.

Imagine how our lives would change if we looked at ourselves in wonder. Not in a haughty or prideful way, but in the way we would look at a work of art. We would delight in the masterpiece; we would admire the Artist; we would walk away amazed at the beauty and it would change how we see the world.

God designed us. Christ makes us priceless. Let’s live a life that honors our Artist and worship the One who bought us with His life.