Vision Correction

“But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!” John 9:25


This is me! Not physically, (although I’m about to replace all my reading glasses with stronger ones), but spiritually it is.

Have you ever been there? I’m not just talking about when you began to believe in Jesus. I’ve believed since I was a child. This is me because I finally see the truth about God’s love for me, for all of us.

I was blind for so long to God’s true love for me. When I finally began believing that this love is for me, that it’s not just a superficial love, but a truly “desperate need to be near you” love, I saw myself in a new light. I started seeing myself as God sees me. I viewed myself as Jesus looks at me. I began valuing myself.

I learned to love myself.

And loving myself allows me to receive others’ love and to give love more freely. I accepted God’s love and then researched the Bible to discover what God thinks of me.

And I was blown away. I was so desperate to know and to learn. The blindness was lifted from my eyes and my soul and God’s whispers and shouts of love leapt from the page and captured my heart.

I saw God for who He is. I looked lovingly upon Jesus and finally realized the depths of His love. I saw myself through their eyes and fell in love with me.

God loves me in spite of my imperfections. And I’m learning to overlook my flaws and see the person God created.

And I see those around me more clearly. And strangely enough their imperfections get blurred and their unique, quirky, beautiful personalities come sharply into focus.

I was blind to the truth, but now I see. We are beautifully imperfect people serving and loving and living for our perfect God. And we are loved by a wonderfully, beautifully, perfect God.

So if you catch me staring at you, please don’t get nervous. I’m focusing on Jesus in you and you are breathtaking.