About Me

About Me

I adore my beautiful husband. He keeps my laughing, dreaming, imagining, exploring, standing and relaxing. Without him my life would be lived securely in my comfort zone. Bill challenges me to push for a life well-lived and well-loved. I can’t imagine where I would be without him. His truly unconditional love for me continues to surprise me.

I am also a Jesus girl. I am completely overwhelmed with God’s love and most days have to remind myself to just accept this love and stop trying to figure out the reason behind it.  The times I get life right don’t make God love me any more and my many mess-ups don’t make Him love me any less. He simply loves me. And you.

Isn’t that crazy?

This over-sensitive, over-analytical, clearly flawed all or nothing girl is radically loved by a radical Savior. And I must tell you I am desperately in love with Jesus. (Scroll to read more)…

But this wasn’t always the case. A preacher’s kid with some pretty awesome parents and two stunningly talented sisters, I took my role as PK very seriously. I tried my hardest to be a good girl so I didn’t disappoint my parents. Or God. And the older I got, the bigger the mistakes I made. I felt like a worthless loser of a daughter and a Christian. I had failed on so many levels. And I had this warped picture of God in my mind…one who held me to a different standard than all other human beings. And since I was such a mess up, than I must be a complete and utter failure in His eyes.

And I believed those lies until I was about to hit 40. I realized that half my life was up and I couldn’t imagine spending the next 40 years under the weight of (my self-imposed) condemnation. So I asked for grace, for freedom from my chains, for a new life, a new relationship with Jesus, a new way of thinking and feeling. I asked Jesus to show me His radical love.

And He did. And I received it. I couldn’t get enough of the truths that my eyes and heart had been blinded to for so long. Jesus is in love with me. And He is in love with you.

Desperately in love. Radically in love. Jesus loves us so much that He cannot contain it. It takes my breath away sometimes.

About Me
About Me
About Me

And He has firmly planted one desire on my heart…to share with others the spectacular, life-changing, life-giving, lavish love of God!

The message is simple – we are not defined by our past, our titles, our money, our messiness, our accomplishments, our complete and utter failures. We are defined by Jesus and who we are because of His spectacular love. Period. That’s it.

Whether we’re still taking baby steps in life or hurdling obstacles like a pro, we are okay with God. He loves us right where we are, right in the middle of our mess, our mundane and our marvelous.

And that is why I can call myself a Jesus girl today. Because I’ve allowed Jesus to come right into the middle of my mess, my struggles, my storms, my celebrations, my laughter, my beautifully abnormal life.

Will you join me?