Your Sparkling, Glittering Crown


“Sometimes you just have to put on your crown and remind everyone just who you are.”

Love this quote and I think it’s quite funny.

But reminding myself and others of who I am won’t impress or change them or me. Reminding myself and others of Whose I am will make all the difference.

We are designed by a spectacular, imaginative, creative, humorous, loving God. Which means then that in Him we are spectacular, imaginative, creative, humorous and loving. But too often our flesh gets in the way and we forget Whose we are and our “who” gets lost in the day to day shuffle of trying to get through life.

Jesus didn’t come so we could just get through life. He came so we can have an extraordinary and abundant life (John 10:10).

Isaiah 61:1-3 says that Jesus came to heal our broken hearts, set us free from the chains that shackle us to our past and our problems, to give us a crown of beauty for the ashes of our painful past, joy for mourning and festive praise instead of despair.

Wow! What a promise! I want all of that…don’t you? So how do we get freedom? How do we get that crown? How can we have joy and praise in the midst of our storms?

We choose Jesus.

We choose to let Jesus into our past so He can heal it. We offer up to Him our lives and ask for complete restoration. We trust God and believe that all of His promises are true and for us today. We choose joy. We choose to praise God in spite of our circumstances.

And we let Jesus place that crown on our heads and we wear it proudly. And if we need to, we reach up every once in a while and touch that crown and whisper, “I believe it’s for me. I know I don’t deserve it. I don’t feel worthy of it. And most days I feel like I’m such a mess that surely it will fall off. But I will believe it’s for me. And I will wear it. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me this crown.”

None of us is worthy of this beautiful, glittering, shiny crown. But God doesn’t love us because of our To Do list or because we get this living thing right. He loves us because He created us. He loves us because we are His children. He loves us….

Well, that’s just it. He loves us. Period.

And those days where things seem completely out of control and you’re exhausted and second-guessing yourself, reach up and touch the crown on your head. It will be there, I promise. Let it calm you, define you, restore you, renew you.

For you, my sweet friend, are beautiful. And that crown looks stunning on you!