Fly By Kisses

The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.” Lamentations 3:22-23

Today I woke up refreshed after a good night sleep even after a rather detailed dream and my usual one-eye-open trip to the bathroom. Each morning I faithfully walk Jericho. I rolled out of bed and was greeted by what I call “fly by kisses” from Jericho. He loves us so much that we’ll walk by and he’ll quickly and gently kiss our leg or hand. And it makes my heart smile.

Almost a year ago we rescued and adopted Jericho.  Our dog Sasha had just died and our house was desperately void of life (since we don’t have children our animals are our kids). As I signed the adoption papers, knowing that Jericho was heartworm positive and would require intense treatments, I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotion at giving this sweet dog a chance at love. We know almost nothing about his past. We don’t know if he had a family or if he ever experienced overwhelming love.  But we know that we will be his forever family.

Jericho was a challenge at first. He ate my favorite sandals, put holes in a favorite scarf, punctured flip-flops, created craters in the yard. But that doesn’t change how much I love him or that he is forever in our lives.

I remember the day that it appeared to click in Jericho’s brain that we are his forever family. Until then he had been sweet but slightly aloof.  He had been with us for about 4 months and he just changed. He began to snuggle more, cuddle more, relax more.

It makes me think: Has it clicked in my brain that God is my forever family? Do I really believe that God’s love is faithful regardless of the sins that I commit? If I as a human can love my dog this much and you can love your children as much as you do, then how much more does our almighty, wonderful God love us!

God sees the good in me, in us. And His mercies are like Jericho’s fly by kisses: they are given freely just because He loves us.